Segovia: history, culture and exquisite wines

Segovia is a jewel in the heart of Spain that not only stands out for its incredible historical and architectural heritage, but also for its wine tradition. This charming city, located in the region of Castilla y León, gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a journey full of history, culture and exquisite wines. The [...]

The History and Reputation of Rioja Wines in Spain


The DOC Rioja was the first wine region in Spain to obtain a seal of quality for its wines. Developed as a quality region long before other regions of Spain, Rioja wines owe their reputation to historical factors that few people know about. Why is it that if Spain produces wines in every corner of [...]

The Origin of Wine


Recent studies have shown that the origin of wine is older than we thought. One could speak of eleven thousand years of history of a beverage that has accompanied a large part of humanity since the origins of civilization. Well, those first wines produced in the Caucasian area had something in common [...]

The history and heritage of La Mancha wine

the stain

La Mancha is synonymous with wine. There is possibly no other territory in the world whose ancient, modern and contemporary history is so much influenced by the wine culture. Despite the immense extensions of vineyards that have been lost in the last 100 years, La Mancha is still by far the most important wine region in the world.

Sierra de Salamanca and Extremadura: the birthplace of rufete

There is a common wine magma in the Iberian Peninsula that is expressed in geographical areas, varieties, ecosystems and even cultural expressions common to the territories that compose it beyond political borders or linguistic boundaries. Thus, it is not difficult to find a very rich diversity of wines whose varietal origins are rooted in different [...]

The wines of Madrid

Few would have imagined fifty years ago that the wines of Madrid would continue to be talked about centuries after their reputed fame celebrated by authors such as Cervantes, López de Vega or Calderón de la Barca. A wine region that stretches from the confines of the Madrid region along the A3 to the limits of the [...]

What is Ribera del Duero?

To travel through the Ribera de Duero is to enter one of the most important wine regions in the world. A place where the wine culture speaks its own language. So much so that in this area the Tempranillo grape became long ago the Tinta Fina or Tinta del País, delimiting [...]