Unbridled Taste and Adventure

Discover the taste of Madrid that is more than just a vibrant city. Here, the wines reflect the heritage of the place. Imagine yourself savoring a wine under the Madrilenian sun. Every sip, a story. Immerse yourself in Ribera del Duero, it's an oenological treasure. The vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. The flavors are intense and [...]

Full Satisfaction Guarantee

The Wine Pleasure Promise is Wine Tour Madrid's commitment to each client. Wine tours in the region offer guaranteed enjoyment, combining expert knowledge with a passion for wine. The Security in Every Glass is given to you by Wine Tour Madrid who guarantees that every wine tasting [...]

Discover the Unexpected

The Adventure Among Vineyards awaits you behind every hill. Surprise yourself in every discovery with the wine tours near Madrid offer you more than wine, surprises among vineyards. It will be a journey of novelties, flavors and landscapes that you never imagined you would find so close to the capital. Sublime Moments of the Palate and every taste is a [...]

Raising the Standard of Wine

Innovating in every sip, because innovation is in every wine, where tradition and modernity meet. The tastings at Wine Tour Madrid are an exploration of trends and methods reinvented to offer a unique experience in every sip. Growing with Every Tasting: in every wine there is a lesson and a love for the art of [...]

Wine tasting: how to evaluate the quality of a wine

Wine tasting is the sensory action through which we can evaluate the quality, style and condition of a wine. It is about approaching the wine from our visual, olfactory and gustatory senses to analyze its characteristics and qualities and to create a common code that allows us to objectify the opinions about its quality and [...]